Where in the world am I?

16 Nov

Blablabla, I had been busy with real life for the longest time. So I apologize if I haven’t posted anything here.

Don’t worry though, because I have surprises installed:

First, I’m going to do Drama CD Translations. Please keep in mind that I’ll prioritize titles with my bias in it.

Then the other one is a podcast. That’s right! This is a collaboration between Mattie-nee (Doropyan’s World) and I. We wanted to make a podcast to express our fangirling and at the same time, to inform people about seiyuu being in different media and such. I hope you’ll have a fun time listening to us.

So even if I don’t post much otome game related stuff for the mean time, I’ll make sure that this blog is up and running. /o/

My Recap of 2012 and the Future of this Blog

31 Jan

It’s been a long time since I get to write again in this blog. I swear I didn’t abandoned it. It’s just that I have confidence issues until now hoping that I don’t sound too derpy whenever I write for anything (read: being a perfectionist). Anyway even though I didn’t get to write on this blog a lot last year, I didn’t forget about the games I’ve completed, almost finished, and done with only a single route during 2012.


So let’s have a little trip to the past shall we? 8D
Just a warning: Some of the images I’ve used may contain spoilers.

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Arcana Famiglia – Liberta

1 Apr

At last, I’m done with his route! Well I had to replay his route so my brain can refresh what exactly happened and somewhat I have this at the moment. Where’s my motivation? Anyway, I hope you can enjoy reading this.

Liberta’s an 18 year old who wields a cutlass which he named “Speranza” He’s a member of the intelligence division plus he idolizes Dante. I suck at writing this stuff, but let’s move on. He prefers doing things the easy way and believes in pure luck. He often quarrels with Nova.

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[R] Arcana Famiglia -La storia della Arcana Famiglia-

8 Mar

After a month of being busy and lazy, I’ve finally got my motivation to play games again. Supposedly I was going to put make a review about Gekka Ryouran Romance, however despite I was an idiot for not taking notes while playing, I didn’t bother to do a replay. It’s half finished too since I only played Daria, Wasabi Wabisuke, and Reito’s routes. I’m not even sure when will my RL friend bug me so she can it.

Anyway, I have to stop complaining and let’s move on with the review. This review won’t cover the routes yet since those will be posted separately. With that said, I’ll be doing the same on my future reviews. (?!)

la storia della arcana famiglia

Okay introduction first. Arcana Famiglia is an organization residing at Regalo, an island surrounded by the sea, and they have been protecting it for how many years. Aside from that, they also manage the business, trading, security, and the health of Regalo’s residents. Like the organization name says, there are members who holds the power of Tarocco. It contains a power from a certain card of the Major Arcana and for that, those members only have the right to join the tournament called Arcana Duello.

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4 Jan

First of all, happy new year to everyone. I hope everybody enjoyed the new year. Furthermore, yes I made use of my wordpress account because I thought it’s better that my gaming blog to be public no matter how crappy my entries will be. I seriously lack self-confidence in my writing (actually on everything), plus I’m quite laconic. xD;

I don’t know how long will be the interval of my posts since: 1. I procrastinate A LOT 2. I have to double check the things that I’ve written so far on my otome game notebook. QuQ

So much for that, I hope everybody can enjoy this lol!gaming blog of mine. m(_ _)m

P.S. Yay, there is progress! *flops down*